The title Entropvisions is in homage to my mother, the poet and art critic, Harriet Zinnes. In 1990 New Directions published a collection of her poems titled Entropisms, a word she made-up combining entropy - the tendency toward disorder - and tropism - the growth towards or away from a stimulus. Similarly, my short reviews combine entropy and tropism by suggesting growth towards a vision of art from the chaos of the art world. Through the back door, my title also pays homage to my physicist father, Irving Zinnes, whose long discussions with my mom got her thinking about entropy and tropism in the first place.

Eugene LeRoy at Michael Werner Gallery
Thank you Mark Rosenthal for alerting me to the magnificent Eugene LeRoy exhibition at Michael Werner Gallery (uptown), through Jan 8. I stayed for so long! Images below images kept appearing through the mountains of gooey paint. In this post I've uploaded a detail of the preceding painting, in a hopeless attempt to give some sense of the tactile experience of these paintings. In my last set of photos I also included a zoomed-out and angled shot of the painting in the corner as I felt from that skewed and distant angle a horseman and horse emerged. The preceding photo is of this same painting looking straight on, and the horse imagery is completely gone. There's still time to see the show for yourself!