The title Entropvisions is in homage to my mother, the poet and art critic, Harriet Zinnes. In 1990 New Directions published a collection of her poems titled Entropisms, a word she made-up combining entropy - the tendency toward disorder - and tropism - the growth towards or away from a stimulus. Similarly, my short reviews combine entropy and tropism by suggesting growth towards a vision of art from the chaos of the art world. Through the back door, my title also pays homage to my physicist father, Irving Zinnes, whose long discussions with my mom got her thinking about entropy and tropism in the first place.

Carole d'Inverno at Atlantic
The works on paper by Carole d'Inverno recently exhibited at Atlantic Gallery have a delicacy of line, color and spirit that is only arrived at when the process is truly instinctive. In these works, surprising shapes and structures appear, speaking and playing with each other, sometimes cordially, sometimes in opposition, but always with grace. Apparently, Carole, who was born in Italy, lived early on in Belgian, and moved to the US in the 70’s, travels our country in constant wonder at its diversity, endless changes and evolutions, social and political struggles, and positive energy. These multi-layered responses get sifted through Carole’s artistic imagination, and emerge in lively works on paper where lines wander, shapes morph, and the combined images hint at actual places and things of nostalgia, memory, pure pleasure and even subtle social commentary. Also on view at the gallery were her large paintings, where the ideas from the smaller exploratory ink and watercolor works on paper are more consciously determined, constructed, and worked through.